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Hey guess what, livejournal. I'm in a good mood. Holy.  Well,…

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Hey guess what, livejournal. I'm in a good mood. Holy. 

Well, the new apartment is good and bad. We have this roommate who we were told would only be there a week out of the month, but it seems to be the 18th... and he's still there... and talking about selling his big screen tv to be able to make rent. Mannn, if we get evicted because of him. Not cool. Also he is under the assumption that anyone living with him is supposed to be his best friend and hang out all the time. And I mean. I'm all about being friendly, but I like to relax and be alone when I get home, and I have tv, internet, bed and bathroom all in my room. AND it doesn't smell like poop, as the main living room does (I was waiting for him to leave to clean and get rid of gross boy smell, but as I said, he hasn't left yet). 

I finally got a job, after being completely lazy for like a month and a half. I'm working at The Cash Store. Doesn't sound too glamorous, but I like it. Been here a whole week and haven't hated it once. Good sign. I give people loans every once in awhile, but mostly I play games online, facebook, lj, whatnot. And get paid decently to do it. And hey, this is what I would be doing at home. For reals. 

Tonight I'm going to some random meditation group, as I have been wanting to do for the longest time, but have always been too nervous. I don't like when people notice my existence. And when it's an established group that I just show up at, chances are they'll not only notice me, but also try to welcome me, and god forbid, ask me questions and try to get to know me. *shudder* But yes. My wonderfully amazing friend, Alison, is coming with me, so I can share the attention. Eee.

Hey guess what? I just got paid like $6 to make this entry. Now I'm going to play maybe $10-$15 worth of sudoku. Oh, you're jealous.
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