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Man man man. I can't remember ever being this bored. I don't get…

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Man man man. I can't remember ever being this bored. I don't get bored easy. I'm usually pretty good at doing and thinking about nothing for long periods of time. I think it's because I'm seeing my Alison after werk and I just want to be seeing her noww. I haven't seen her in like two whole days and I misses her. Is it weird to miss a friend so much, so easily? I don't care.

I went to this meditation group yesterday. I was looking forward to it so much, and was so let down. I just wanted someone to talk all soothing and calm me down and tell me how to breathe. But they were talking all soothing about envisioning the "16th Karmapa" bathing you in light and transmitting his knowledge to you. And they chanted. They really chanted. I felt like I was in a cult. Stupid bitches making such a good thing such a religion. 

I keep having these dreams about living in communal-type situations. Awhile ago, it was in my parents' house (6 bedrooms), but there were like 30+ lesbians living in and around it. There were just people everywhere, all the time. I loved it. Then last week-ish, I dreamed I lived in this apartment that was more like a garage or a storage locker, in a neighborhood made up of all the same. So there were three walls, and the fourth was always open, except for in bad weather. Probably around 8 people lived in my apartment, which was just one room with a few bunk beds, and random curtains hanging everywhere. They would all just do their own thing, come and go whenever, and there were always dozens of people outside on the grass, just hanging out or making music. Somebody tell me where this place exists. I'll leave right now.
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