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Well... it appears all my good intentions of keeping up with this…

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Well... it appears all my good intentions of keeping up with this journal just aren't enough. I seem to post more regularly on my tumblr for some reason. Maybe I've just gotten too depressing here and needed somewhere with more light-hearted associations? Anyways. I'm in London (UK), have been for about a month. Should technically be here and around the UK for the next two years, if I ever find a job. Which is NOT going well. I have 30 pounds to my name (how do I do the symbol for pounds on a non-UK keyboard?), and nowhere to live at the end of the month. Eee... Wish me luck?

P.S. Does anybody else have a tumblr? For I to follow you?

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On August 18th, 2009 09:08 am (UTC), willows69 commented:
What's a tumnlr??? lol I have a twitter! And facebook! And myspace!! lol! So, you're in the UK!! How fucking exciting!! I hope everything goes well. *hugs*

- Liz
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On September 1st, 2009 10:16 pm (UTC), susurruses replied:
Hey! Supwichu. tumblr is just another bloggy thing that has some appeal I cannot describe. But it's good, check it out! I need more people to follow. This is mine: susurruses.tumblr.com

I have twitter/facebook too, and technically myspace, though I don't use it at all... what's your names?

Oh and yeah. UK! If you ever go, Scotland is 5000 times better than England. Came here for a live-in job when we ran out of money in London, and it's sooo fucking beautiful I never want to leave.

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