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Going through my old old lj, found this. A lot more is applicable now…

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Going through my old old lj, found this. A lot more is applicable now than it used to be. Kinda long, but interesting, at least to me.

The Sagittarian archer represents challenge, inquiry, a fascination with the world, and a passion for variety, change, and a freedom to pursue his or her interests. A typical Sagittarian has a compulsion to set goals, but doesn't always complete them. He or she is looking to the future, and has an enthusiasm and optimism that at times needs to be controlled. His worst fault is restlessness. His biggest strength is meeting challenges.

Like its sister sign, the Gemini, the Archer is a dual sign that can't stand jealousy or possessiveness in a mate, and needs space and personal freedom to grow. His natural excitement makes him take risks in order to cultivate an intellectual and philosophical outlook. He needs versatility, moving too quickly to get caught. He has a great breadth of vision, and is sometimes criticized for being too independent. Above all, he is idealistic, valuing freedom and his ability to liberate himself from his lower nature to become his Higher Self. As the centaur or Archer, he is half man, and is divided.

The Archer is typically friendly, outgoing, optimistic and extroverted. He loves sports and gambling, and sometimes is superficial for his first half of life. Also like the Gemini, he is independent and free and can't be pinned down. He is the gypsy of the zodiac. In middle age, Sagittarians turn inward, making their superconscious and spiritual sides more important.

In work, he needs space in his office, and avoids boring, repetitive work. He tends to spend his money on books, study and travel rather than material possessions. A Sagittarius doesn't like constraint, and works best in jobs that offer complete freedom to call the shots: business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, actor, writer, director, travelling salesman. The point is not the work itself, but ironically, the freedom within the work.

Getting money is not overly important; rather, it is the spirit of adventure that is highlighted. For a Sagittarius, a problem is created when there are too many avenues in which to spend his money. How does he narrow the choices? Not overly ambitious, the typical Sagittarius treasures the intellect or service more. He or she copes well with change, and many times is relied upon to troubleshoot or revamp a department. Later on in life, their innate understanding of people makes them good counselors, ministers, personnel directors and workers in humanitarian movements. Their glib tongue also makes them natural salesmen.

The Archer is naturally intuitive, but his worst fault is procrastination. They shoot their arrows directly, but sometimes this can be harmful if it hits someone's weak point. They need to build more tact into their dialogue, and females typically have a lack of femininity. Perception is very important to them, and they tend to seek truth, express it, then move on. They see the large picture, disliking details. Always outspoken, they are candid--speaking their supreme logic. In this area, they are different from the Gemini because Sagittarians tend to focus on the future and larger humanity rather than the here and now. They dislike any restrictions, and their versatility and optimism win them many friends, but few who understand them.

A Sagittarius woman is difficult to figure out. She commands attention in a crowd, and is typically funny, vivacious and outspoken. Flirtatious to a fault, she is typically popular with the boys. She thinks big, and if you catch her mentally on an issue that interests her, you can win her big. She excels in jobs that don't confine her; with children, she allows them a lot of freedom. A very loving and devoted mother, she believes children should find their own way. She offers guidelines and wisdom, but doesn't force her opinions.

A Sagittarius man is also charming, flirtatious and witty. At parties, he is candid and opinionated, sometimes frustrated--what seems obvious to him is not so to others. He has a broad, grandiose vision that guides him to do everything in a big way. He is rarely satisfied with his achievements, and frequently takes on more than he can handle. Nonetheless, he makes the most of his free time with hobbies or sports, and enjoys travelling with his "restless spirit." Always moving and looking towards the future, he can lose sight of the difference between need and greed. Wanting everything his way, at the moment, this can show in him being unfaithful in a relationship. Thus, the Sagittarius is the bachelor sign of the zodiac.

In terms of compatibility, the Sagittarius and Gemini make a natural affinity. But the Sagittarius gets along with most signs. In romance, the Sagittarius can mate with almost any sign, but be aware that he or she never commits his or her whole self--a slight piece is always separate and singular, aware of the larger picture.

The Sagittarius is a citizen of the world, and can be committed more to humanitarian concerns than to a partner. They are outgoing, broad-minded, with a fascination with cultural diversity. They have a passion for variety, and at the same time an intolerance. For them, life is a journey, not a destination. They enjoy the hunt, the search, and not the destiny. Forever following the quest, they can become workaholics--still remaining a philosopher or teacher, exploring different domains. Learning is a passion for these people, and if they can't travel, they will travel within their minds as much as possible.

They are the true explorers of the zodiac, crossing borders, always wearing different hats: scientist, artist, teacher. Very thorough, they take their pursuits, and life, very seriously. Their attraction to diversity gives them an energy and a consciousness that asks questions, seeks and explores, and fights to preserve culture. Many people turn to them for wisdom and guidance.

Can't link to where I stole this from any more, because it no longer exists. I suppose that's what happens when 7 years pass.
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